Top 10 RV MSA’s
Source: SSI
Rankings are based on CBSA/MSA level rolling 12 month unit growth figures vs the prior 12 months.
Each MSA is shaded based on their rolling 12 month unit growth rate %. All unit and revenue commentary is based on unit placement data.
Growth Period: November 2019 to October 2020
Baseline Period: November 2018 to October 2019
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Executive Summary
Large markets have continued to perform well, but there are some smaller markets experiencing exceptionally strong growth. Significant dealer and brand/model share shifts has been taking place in many markets across the country. Mid sized retailers have continued to take unit and revenue share in many markets.

If you are looking for insights into what may be popular and/or might fall out of flavor in your market, you want to watch the Dallas market trends, specifically as it relates to consumer interests by product category and model/brand popularity. It is interesting to note that trends we see unfolding in this market tend to serve as leading indicators for what unfolds in other markets across the US.